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Company Profile

Company Name: SAN-EI Corporation
Established: 1962
Capital: 95 million Japanese yen (as of 2015)
Business: Sporting Goods, Playground Equipment / Landscape Amenities and its Maintenance services,
Fitness Machines and Sports facilities' products
Associated Companies: Shanghai SAN-EI Co., Ltd., / SAN-EI Swiss SA / nittai
Affiliated Organizations: The Japan Park Facilities Association (JPFA)
The Parks & Open Space Association of Japan (POSA)
The Consultants of Landscape Architecture in Japan (CLA)
The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI)
The Association of Japan Sporting Goods Industries (JASPO)
The Japan Sports Facilities Association (JSFA)
The Tokyo Sporting Goods Manufactures' Association (TSMA)
The Federation of International Table Tennis Manufacturers (FIT)
The Japan Table Tennis Authorized Manufacturers (JAM)
Approvals: Table tennis tables factory approved by the ITTF (The International Table Tennis Federation)
Table tennis tables factory approved by the JTTA (The Japan Table Tennis Association)
SG table tennis table factory registered by the CPSA (The Consumer Product Safety Association)
Factory authorized by the JBA (The Japan Basketball Association)
Factory authorized by the NBA (The Nippon Badminton Association)
Certificates: SAN-EI ISO9001ISO 9001, JIS Q 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2008, JCQA-0636
SAN-EI ISO14001ISO 14001, JIS Q 14001:2004, ISO 14001:2004, JCQA-E-0902
Certificates: Since SAN-EI was established in 1962, our policy has been "to work hard for our customers as well as contribute to society". Based on this policy, we have continued manufacturing and selling sporting goods and park equipment. In February 2000, SAN-EI was acknowledged and received the ISO 9001 certificate which is for the Quality Management System for design, development, manufacturing, installation and its related services. In February 2011, SAN-EI obtained the ISO 14001, for our environmental management system. As a manufacturer, we strive to maintain a healthy environment as well as understand and accept social responsibilities.
SAN-EI Headquarters

Our Business / Achievement

SAN-EI's businesses are in the field of Sporting Goods, Play Equipment, Park Furniture, Fitness and Stadium Equipment and Maintenance service for all these Equipment. Since establishment in 1962, we have been enjoying creating the products, supplying and servicing them to all the people who wish to be HAPPY throughout the Sports, Landscape and Outdoor activity. So that, we ought to produce SAFE, ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY and EASY OPERATION equipment to make all users and society HAPPY.

Especially, we are a leading manufacturer of table tennis table and table tennis related products. The market share of the table tennis table is more than 70 % in Japan including our own brand and OEM. We have developed Super Plied Core Board, original SAN-EI blue color for the table top, and launched specially designed center court table to the international Championships in our history. Using our experience and know-how, We have supported both international and domestic major table tennis events including Olympic Games and the World Table Tennis Championships as following.

And today, in 2015, SAN-EI has started new big one step with NEW COLOR [Les Yeux bleus]

Supported events

*All Japan Championships for over 40 years since 1974
*1991 World Table Tennis Championships. Chiba in 1991
*the Olympic Table Tennis Tournament. Barcelona in 1992
*2001 World Table Tennis Championships. Osaka in 2001
*H.I.S. 2009 World Table Tennis Championships. Yokohama in 2009
*ZEN-NOH 2014 World Table Tennis Championships. Tokyo in 2014

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Company Profile SAN-EI
Company Profile